Black & White Photographs from Infrared Film

I began experimenting with infrared film in 1980, manipulating its effects through different film speeds, developers and light sources to create stark glowing contrasts or grainy surreal images. My first infrared images were often sequential series conveying isolation. More recent work involves the environment and movement, especially of water.

Infrared film appears to reveal another reality coexistent with what is apparent. At first I was attracted to its pointillistic grain, and its look of matter/anti-matter, like the koans of physics. Figures appear to be simultaneously on the brink of materializing and disappearing. With bright
sunlight or flash, the effect is more dramatic - inanimate objects radiate energy, and the images glow. Using infrared film with the soft effects of even light, one can create beauty and the feeling of dreams.

All Images © Merideth Grierson
Ballet Shoe 1982
Vintage print 1/6
Lisa Profile 1987
Vintage print 3/3
Woman Man 1988
Vintage print 1/4
Acidanthera 2000
Vintage print 1/4
M Legion of Honor 1 1981
Vintage print
M Legion of Honor 2 1983
Vintage print 2/2
M Legion of Honor 3 1983
Vintage print 2/5
Vintage Print
Anna Roof 1984
Vintage print 1/7
Alfa Blur 2009
Modern print 1/50
Golden Gate Fields 2009
Modern print 4/50
Camera Obscura 2010
Modern print 2/50